Founded in 2011 and born from a GRIT (Girl Raised In Texas), yet manifested on the streets of NYC - Brooklyn to be exact.

Our story is simple, a dream, a t-shirt and a love affair with street chic fashion. Haus of Swag, SWAG being an acronym for ’Sisters With A Grind’, is a registered trademark brand of premium fashion tees & accessories. Chic, authentic, fun & edgy - yep, that's us. Think "curly couture" with a little sass. Our tees have got something to say, and our message is clear, 'Sisters are doing it for themselves and we are on top of our game' - hence our logo.

We are cultivated in the hearts of true fashionistas and sisters steady grindin'. We create our own trends and standards of beauty, we reject conformity of any kind. We go there with a love and knowledge of self - we are not your average t-shirt "brand", we are t-shirts redefined.

At Haus of Swag, we're fly, we rule and we KNOW it.

Haus of Swag is a movement and our motto is simple, "Wear our t-shirts, be happy."